Rose Gold: The Warm and Inviting Hue in Jewelry Trends

Rose gold is an alloy created from a mixture of pure gold and copper; the combination of the two metals gives the finished product a rose-colored hue. The purity of rose gold is determined by the gold-to-copper ratio, measured in karats (24 karat is pure gold). A direct mixture of copper and gold gives it a more reddish tone. At the same time, milder rose hues are usually gotten by adding varying amounts of silver.

History Of Rose Gold

24 karat gold jewelry has always been impractical because of how malleable and soft the metal is, resulting in the need to mix gold with other metals. Rose gold was first used in 18th century Russia by the famed jeweler Carl Faberge, and as a result, it was earlier known as “Russian Gold”. Even nowadays, in Russia, rose gold is the most prevalent type of gold that you’ll find in jewelry stores.

In other parts of the world, rose gold was known but not as popular as it is today until the 1920s. What ignited its popularity was Cartier’s creation of The Trinity Ring– a ring that intertwined three bands of yellow, rose, and white gold. Nowadays, every luxury jeweler has a rose gold version of their iconic piece. 

Advantages Of Rose Gold

For decades, rose gold has been the choice of jewelry of many people; below are some of the reasons why:

  1. Firstly, rose gold is the most robust and durable type of gold. Copper is a strong metal, making rose gold the material of choice for jewelry that you plan to wear every day, like a watch. However, the more silver is added to the alloy, the softer it’ll be, so light pink gold variants are not great for jewelry exposed to rough conditions.
  2. Rose gold jewelry is also beautiful to look at; there’s a bit of mystique that comes with rose gold jewelry. There is no other type of metal with the pinkish hue that rose gold has, and it can genuinely pique people’s interest.
  3. Rose gold blends with the skin better than other types of gold because it is the closest to a natural skin tone. If you want to highlight the gemstones on a piece of jewelry, rose gold is a perfect choice, for example, a floating diamond necklace.
  4. Finally, rose gold is relatively inexpensive because copper is a cheaper alloy than most other metals. If price is a huge factor for you, rose gold is the way to go.
  5. Many people consider rose gold to be the most romantic metal because of its pinkish-red tint; this makes it an ideal fit for engagement rings.

Disadvantages Of Rose Gold

While rose gold is popular for many people, others do not fancy it as much; here are some of the reasons why you might not want to use rose gold jewelry:

  1. Rose gold is terrible for people sensitive to copper because it is not hypoallergenic and might lead to allergic reactions. If you have skin sensitivities, you should consider jewelry made of a material like gold vermeil.
  2. Copper is very prone to separation and oxidation if not appropriately heated. Therefore, if the jeweler did not correctly make your jewelry, you’ll see signs of the gold and copper separating as you use the jewelry. 
  3. It’s not as readily available to buy as white or yellow gold. Rose gold is not readily available in most stores because it is not as popular as yellow or white gold. Jewelers usually supply items with the most significant demand.

Is Rose Gold More Valuable Than Gold?

No type of gold is as expensive as pure 24 karat gold because all other types of gold have alloys in them. The cost of rose gold is determined by how much pure gold is contained in the finished product, measured in karats. The copper used in the creation of rose gold is cheaper than other types of alloy metals, making it less expensive than yellow or white gold of equal purity.

Is Rose Gold Better Than Regular Gold?

Regarding practical usage in jewelry, rose gold is better than regular gold because of its softness and how easily it gets scratched. However, when it comes to monetary value or to be used as a form of exchange, pure gold is far better than rose gold.

Does Rose Gold Last?

Rose gold is the only type of gold that doesn’t tarnish or fade with use; instead, it tends to darken and have a more significant red tone with time. This color change reaction is the presence of copper in its makeup. Some people think of this change in color as an attraction for them to rose gold because it gives the jewelry a timeless vintage look.

What Is Rose Gold Used For?

Rose gold is very malleable and, as a result, can be used for many popular jewelry styles. The earliest use of rose gold was for Faberge Eggs, which Carl Farbege made as Easter gifts to Russian royalty. 

When rose gold came to the Western world, it was used majorly for engagement rings, a trend that is still popular today. You cannot go wrong by adding pink diamonds or Padparadscha sapphire stones to a rose gold engagement ring.

Rose gold can be used on bracelets, eternity rings, and (less frequently) wedding rings; also, it is used for creating rugged and high-quality wristwatches. Also, it is a perfect fit for floating diamond necklaces that require a chain that isn’t too visible on the wearer’s neck.

Is Rose Gold Worth Buying?

It’s hard to argue against buying rose gold jewelry because it is the type of gold that matches beauty and durability. Also, when you consider that you’d be spending slightly less on it than you would on yellow and white gold, it’s worth buying! However, ensure you purchase your rose gold from a reputable jeweler so that the alloys on your jewelry do not begin to separate with time.

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