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Building Blocks
Building Blocks

Building Blocks

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These beautiful earrings were created with Pyrite stone nuggets working together to form an earring that strikes a balance between minimalism and a statement.

The Facts (we’ll give it you straight):

  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, Pyrite stone

  • The Pyrite stones were sourced from a local Jewelry fair in Costa Mesa, CA.

  • Because these earrings were made with real stone, they may vary in appearance from the photo, however we believe it adds to the charm of this piece.

  • The stones magically sit on a silver earring post and chain, sourced from an ethical wholesaler that aligns with our values and sustainable practices.

  • 10% of the proceeds from this purchase go directly to a local organization (read more here)

For more info on our materials and how to take care of them please click here.