Materials + Care

We believe in products that last a lifetime, so we only use the highest quality of materials while still keeping it affordable and accessible for everyone. With these materials, you can do your part in being sustainable by taking the proper care to ensure they last.



925 Sterling Silver 

Moonstone Stacker Starter Pack

925 Sterling Silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure sterling silver and 7.5% other metal, such as copper. Sterling Silver is a great, affordable option for luxury jewelry and with proper care should last a lifetime.

How to take care of me:

Wear me often; sterling silver loves being worn and it actually helps lengthen my lifespan! When not wearing, store in an airtight and dry pouch. Keep me away from water and chemicals like chlorine or household cleaners. To clean: buff with a dry jewelry polish cloth.


14K Gold 

Crescent Hoops

Solid Gold is the least reactive precious metal. Pure Gold or 24K Gold will never tarnish, but because it is too soft to be used in jewelry making must be alloyed with other metals like silver and copper to ensure its durability. The 14K alloy is a beautiful yellow gold hue that is strong, tarnish-resistant, and scratches less than its 18K counterpart. 

How to take care of me:

Although solid gold is quite lasting and durable, it can get scratched and dented, if it is treated too harshly. Take rings off before activities that are potentially high-impact or if you will be working with harsh chemicals as certain chemicals may react with the alloy metal. To clean: simply wash with mild detergent and lukewarm water, using your fingers or a soft cloth. We suggest doing this monthly so your jewelry does not build up dirt and lose its beautiful luster over time.


14K Gold-Filled 

Gold Starter Pack

Gold-filled is an excellent alternative to solid gold, as it does not tarnish like gold-plated, but is more affordable than solid gold.

What does gold-filled actually mean?

Gold Filled metal is made by permanently heat-bonding a layer of 14 karat Gold to brass or other base metal core. It is allergen-free since the only thing that comes in contact with your skin is 14 karat Gold. It is not the same as gold-plated jewelry and with proper care should last a lifetime. In order to carry the label "Gold Filled", it must be at least 1/20th (by weight) 14 karat gold. The result is a metal that looks and wears like 14 karat gold but is much more affordable.

How to take care of me:

Store in a dry place, and try not to bring me in contact with water. Sometimes the oils in your skin can cause me to get dirty. Easy—to clean: simply use a jewelry polishing cloth and if necessary mild soap and water. Make sure to completely pat dry before storing again.