We believe a brand should be founded on the value of generosity.

That’s why 10% of everything we make goes directly to organizations dear to our hearts.

Why 10%?
In the “business world”, 10% is almost unheard of (6% is average), but 10% is a biblical standard of generosity we believe in, and allows us to both keep our business stable, but give as much as possible.

Why do we give to multiple organizations?

We want our brand to be a platform of sharing stories. When we give to more than one organization, we get to share more incredible and worthy stories with you. We always set a goal and continue to give until that goal is achieved (or surpassed)

How can you get involved?

Ok first off, we would LOVE for you to be involved. Getting to give is one of our fave parts of Foundations! The first way to be involved is to simply support Foundations, and 10% of all proceeds from your purchase will go straight to the organization we’re currently supporting. The more the merrier, so tell your friends about us!

Additionally, if you know of any people or organizations who you feel are worthy of a financial donation (or other kind of gift) we want you share their story with us and why you want to help. Email us at and we can’t wait to hear their story!

And of course, you can also donate directly to the cause on our website! Just go to our page Stories and click donate!

Who are we currently giving to?

Every season we will be giving to a new organization: check out our page Stories for who we’re giving to and who we’ve helped in the past.