How to Measure Your Wrist For a Bracelet – 2 Easy Ways

Getting the size of your fashion accessories right is crucial to them looking good. You might buy a very expensive tennis bracelet, and its beauty would look diminished because it’s too loose or tight on your wrist. The good thing is that you can measure your wrist to find the perfect size and not have to wear awkward-looking bracelets.

Wrist Size Chart

Like other fashion items, bracelets have standard sizes that most jewelers follow, allowing you to buy a bracelet that is the correct fit. However, some other jewelers use direct wrist circumference as the measurement standard for their bracelets. Whatever the case, you can use the chart below to convert from wrist circumference to standard size parameters.

Wrist Size (mm)Wrist Size (in)WomenMen
127 – 1405 – 5.5X Small
141 – 1525.6 – 6Small
153 – 1656.1 – 6.5MediumX Small
166 – 1786.6 – 7LargeSmall
179 – 1907.1 – 7.5X LargeMedium
191 – 2037.6 – 8XX-LargeLarge
204 – 2168.1 – 8.5XXX-LargeX Large
217 – 2298.6 – 9XX-Large
230 – 2419.1 – 9.5XXX-Large

Some jewelers have their custom measurement standards and parameters apart from the one above. Before buying a bracelet, you should always check the size guide of the jeweler to be sure that you’re not buying something that isn’t your size.

Methods To Measure Wrist For A Bracelet

Measure Wrist For Bracelet

There are various ways to measure your wrist size to buy a bracelet that fits perfectly. Thankfully, these methods can be done at home at little or no cost. Very importantly, with any measuring method, you should measure the wrist with other bracelets and the widest area of your hand if you’re trying to determine bangle size.

Method 1 — Measure Wrist Size Using A Measuring Tape

If you have a tailor’s measuring tape, your job will be made easier as this is very straightforward. The steps to follow are explained below:

Step 1– Run the tape around your wrist; run it around the widest part of your hand for bangles.
Step 2– Whatever answer you get from that measurement is the circumference of your wrist/hand.
Step 3– Check the chart for the conversion of your result to a standard size if needed.

Method 2 — Measure Wrist Size Without A Measuring Tape

You might not own a tailor’s measuring tape at home and wants to measure the circumference of your wrist. In the absence of a tape, you can use a piece of paper/inelastic rope and a ruler as a substitute. You can do so with the steps explained below:

Step 1– Run the string or piece of paper around your wrist (or the widest part of your hand if it’s a bangle).
Step 2– Cut the string/paper to the point where it circles your hand, or use a marker to indicate it.
Step 3– Measure the length of the string/paper with a ruler. The result of your measurement is the circumference of your hand.
Step 4– Check the chart for the conversion of your result to a standard size if needed.

How Should a Bracelet Fit on Your Wrist?

Measure Wrist Size For A Bracelet

Regardless of how much you spend on a bracelet, if it doesn’t fit perfectly, the beauty of the piece of jewelry might be lost. Also, you need a bracelet that fits well for your comfort; you surely do not want a bracelet that is so tight, that it’s blocking the blood flow in your hand. Equally, you don’t want to wear a bracelet that’s too loose and might slip up your elbow or fall off your wrist.

Generally, a bracelet should have some wiggle room but not be too loose on your wrist; however, different types of bracelets have a fit that’s perfect for them.


Bangles are usually loose-fitting on the wrist because they do not have clasps, and you need space to fit your hand through them. Except it’s adjustable, your bangle shouldn’t be so tight that you must strain and squeeze your finger to wear it. Also, many people love to wear multiple bangles because of the sounds that come from them hitting each other as they move freely on your arm.

Cuff Bracelets

Cuffs are the one bracelet type that is not supposed to move freely on your wrist; rather, they are to fit tightly. They are called cuff bracelets because they are supposed to be tight on your wrist, like the cuff of your shirt or a handcuff.

Chain and Tennis Bracelets

Chain and tennis bracelets are the middle ground between tight-fitting cuffs and loose bangles. They should have a wiggle room of between ½ to 1½ inches on your wrist. If you’re one of those who prefer to wear them snug on your wrists, always ensure that you leave room to fasten the clasp.

How To Adjust Bracelet Size

Sometimes you might have a bracelet that is not a good fit for you. Perhaps someone who didn’t know your size got you one or you had a drastic increase or reduction in size and want to keep wearing your old bracelets. In most cases, you can adjust your bracelet size to fit perfectly to your wrist if they’re too big or small.

Reducing the size of a bracelet is usually easier with bracelets that have links; removing a few of the links would make it smaller. Adding links to a bracelet is also possible, but it’s harder to do, and the exact type of link might be unavailable. Some bangles can be made to fit on a smaller hand by cutting one side of the bangle open; this side would be worn on the back of your hand.

What’s The Average Wrist Size?

Sometimes you want to buy a bracelet for someone and do not know the exact size of their wrists. The size of the wrist, like most parts of the body, is determined by bone density, muscle mass, and fat. Therefore, you can estimate the size of a person’s wrist based on their physical appearance.

When estimating the size of a person’s hand, their gender is also important, as the size of the female wrist is smaller than that of the male. The average size of a grown-up woman’s hand is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches (14 and 17 cm). However, smaller-sized women can have wrists as small as 5 inches (12 cm), while bigger ladies would have wrists of 6.5 to 7.5 inches (17 to 19 cm).

On the other hand, an average-sized man usually has around 7 to 7.5 inches (17 to 19 cm) wrists. A man who’s smaller in stature would usually have a wrist size of 6 to 7 inches (15 to 17 cm), and 8.5 to 9 inches (21 to 23 cm) is the wrist circumference of men who are bigger in body size.

*Images by Lisa Rozza

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