How to Spot a Fake Cartier Love Bracelet – 9 Proven Ways

Over almost two centuries of its existence, Cartier has built a brand name that is globally recognized worldwide. In 2006, Cartier stated that its most successful collection in the brand’s history is the Love Collection which features bracelets, earrings, rings, and watches. Of the various types of jewelry in the Love Collection, the bracelet is the oldest and most popular one, making it more prone to fakes.

9 Ways To Identify A Fake Cartier Love Bracelet

How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Bracelet
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Some jewelers would try to use the name recognition that the Cartier Love Bracelet has taken decades to build and make cheaper jewelry. They face the same problem that every luxury fashion brand encounters, as evidenced by the “GLICCI,” “UERSACE,” and “FENDL” imitations that you find in low-budget stores.

It’s an even bigger problem for you if you can’t detect that you’re about to buy a fake, so here are some pointers that a Cartier Love Bracelet is fake.

1. The Materials Its Made Of

Like all luxury fashion brands, Cartier prides itself on making its products out of the best quality materials. Most copycat jewelers cannot afford to make their versions of the Love Bracelet out of high-quality materials. If you know what the original Love Bracelet is made of, you can check if the bracelet at hand is a fake or not.

The Metal

Firstly, Cartier only makes the Love Bracelet out of 18-karat gold, meaning that any bracelet of inferior-quality gold is a fake. They also use only three variants of gold– rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold; anything else isn’t genuine. Also, if you see stainless steel, copper, or silver Love Bracelet, you’re dealing with a fake. Cartier doesn’t make the Love Bracelet out of those metals.

The Diamonds

If you’re buying a paved or semi-paved Love Bracelet, the quality of diamonds on the bracelet can help you determine if the bracelet is authentic. Original Cartier Love Bracelets only have diamonds that meet the GIA’s “Very good” and “Excellent” grades. Diamonds that are this well-cut help make the stones have the optimum light reflection.

In terms of color, Cartier diamonds are also colorless and are within the D-H range. Also, their clarity grade is between VS2 and IF, meaning that a skilled gemologist can only see the inclusions if you use a 10x magnifying lens. 

With all this in mind, it’s fake if you see a Love Bracelet with deadbeat diamonds.

2. Size Range

There are currently two types of Cartier Love Bracelets– regular and small. The differentiating factor between both types is the width of the bracelet and not its circumference. However, “size range” here refers to the circumference of the bracelet, not whether it is small or regular.

Cartier only makes the Love Bracelet in 7 sizes– 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21 cm. If you find a Love Bracelet outside this range, it’s most likely a fake. However, there is an exception to this rule, as you can order custom sizes outside this range. Getting a custom size is only possible if you buy from an authorized retailer like Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

3. Screwdriver and Screws

Original Cartier Love Bracelet
Original Cartier Love Bracelet

If the Love Bracelet type you have uses screws to lock and unlock it, you’ll always find a screwdriver in the package. Some producers of fake Love Bracelets are so negligent that they don’t put a screwdriver in the case to enable you to lock and unlock the bracelet. 

Also, the position of the screws is another way to detect that the bracelet is probably fake. While the earliest versions of the Love Bracelet had multiple screws, current versions only use two. The two screws are usually located on opposite ends of the bracelet. 

Anything outside the above configuration is an indication that the bracelet is fake. Finally, most new versions of the Love Bracelet do not have screws that come out entirely as older ones did. This new pattern is to help users not lose the screw when they take the bracelet off.

4. Hallmark

Every high-end piece of jewelry has hallmarks that give you brief information about the item you’re about to buy. Hallmarks usually include details such as material, ID numbers, and trademark.

First, all authentic Love Bracelets have the “Cartier” logo. Next, you’ll observe the material hallmark, which, on the Love Bracelet, is usually 750, signifying that the bracelet is made of 75% or 18-karat gold. Thirdly, you’ll find the bracelet size, which usually ranges from 15 to 21 and indicates the bracelet’s circumference in centimeters.

Cartier pride itself on the attention to every detail in the production of the bracelet, including its finishing. Apart from the Love Bracelet having hallmark inscriptions that tally with the original, how it’s written is just as important as what’s written. If the markings aren’t sharp, the finishes are sloppy, or the logo looks irregular, then the bracelet is a fake.

5. Serial Number

As the popularity of the Love Bracelet soared, so did the number of replicas and fakes. To curb this, Cartier started putting serial numbers on every Love Bracelet. These serial numbers are unique to every piece and follow a pattern that consists of some digits and letters.

You cannot find out if your Cartier watch is a fake using an online database of Cartier serial numbers. These records are only accessible by Cartier. You can contact Cartier via phone, email, or in person at a Cartier store. 

Be aware that the serial number may not guarantee the authenticity of the bracelet, as manufacturers can copy these serial numbers and put them on replicas. Also, since original Love Bracelets didn’t have serial numbers, all vintage pieces are usually void of these serials and would require extra vigilance from you.

6. Where You Buy

The local supermarket in your town definitely shouldn’t have a Cartier stand, so if you see a Love Bracelet there, it’s a fake. Cartier only sells its products in a handful of selected partner stores worldwide. Apart from that, you can also get Love Bracelets in official Cartier stores found in 59 countries worldwide (complete list here).

If you want to buy online, the safest bet is to buy from Cartier’s official website. While there are other legitimate sellers out there, too, it can be hard to tell. 

7. Price 

How much you buy your Love Bracelet is as telling as where you buy it. Love Bracelets are made of high-quality materials by a world-renowned luxury brand, so they will be expensive. 

The price of Love Bracelets starts from around $4,500 and goes as high as $50,000, depending on what you’re paying for. Therefore, the $30 bracelet you see on Amazon is a fake and is probably made from steel, silver, or some inferior metal.

8. Packaging

Another thing that marks an original Cartier Love Bracelet is the packaging. All Cartier Love Bracelets are exquisitely wrapped and presented in the special red Cartier box.

fake Cartier bracelet

Therefore, you’re buying a fake if you see any Love Bracelet in a transparent wrapper or plastic bag.

If you place an online order, your Love Bracelet will be discreetly packaged and properly wrapped for delivery. On request, a gift card is also offered, which is placed within a Cartier shopping bag. 

Finally, legitimate Cartier products come with manufacturer documents that confirm the style, serial number, store purchased from, and date of purchase.

9. Certificate of Authenticity

Most jewelry purchased on the website is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity stamped with “Cartier e-Boutique Europe”. This certificate is standard, and it’s important to have it for your own records. Also, if you ever decide to sell, it will add value to your sale and validate its authenticity.

Bewarned though, fake certificates of authenticity exist! You can easily confirm the authenticity of your certificate by contacting them via their website.

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