Accurately Measuring Men’s Ring Size: 5 Best Techniques

So many people cannot go a day without having a ring on their finger, and they wear them for different reasons. For some, rings are just a fashion accessory, while others wear them as a sign of marriage or engagement, and some put on rings for religious reasons too.

Whatever your reason for wearing a ring or wanting to get one, you must know what size of ring fits your hand before getting it.

International Ring Size Measurement

Many men around the world do not know that rings have specific sizes. In the same way that there are standard units for measuring shoes and shirts, there are international standards that jewelers use in sizing rings. Standard sizes make it easy for people to buy rings for you without even testing them on.

Different regions of the world have their standard means of measuring ring sizes. The table below shows you the ring size in various regions and their conversions in diameter and circumference. You would use this table to get your appropriate ring size in the ring measurement methods given below.

Note: The table below is measured in millimeters (mm); however, if you take your measurement using inches on your ruler you can easily convert from mm to inches. To convert from mm to inches, multiply the number by 25.4; for example, 0.58 inches * 25.4 = 14.7 mm. Alternatively, you can use this online Unit Converter.

Circumference (mm)Diameter (mm)USUKEUROPE
14.946.84H 1/247
15.348.04.5I 1/248
15.749.35J 1/249
15.950.05.5K 1/250
16.551.96L 1/252
16.953.16.5M 1/253
17.354.47N 1/254
17.755.77.50 1/255
18.257.48P 1/257
18.558.38.5Q 1/258
19.059.59R 1/259
19.460.89.5S 1/261
19.862.110T 1/262
20.263.410.5U 1/263
20.765.111V 1/264
21.065.911.5W 1/266
21.467.212X 1/267

Methods Of Measuring Ring Size

There are several ways men can accurately measure their ring size and thankfully, some of them can be done at home, at no cost. Some of the methods are explained below.

1. Checking The Size Of An Old Ring

Many men have bought a ring by going to the jeweler and trying on different sizes till they found one that fits them. Many times, such people don’t even know that there are ring sizes and that many rings usually have ring sizes inscribed on them. So, if you have an old ring that’s your size, you should check the inner part of the band. 

Some rings usually have some important details inscribed on that inner part, such as the manufacturer’s name, the material it’s made of, and the ring size. However, the longer you use your ring, the more likely it is that the inscription would get worn off. Also, the inscription on most rings is usually so small that you have to look very closely, or in some cases, use a magnifying glass.

2. Measuring An Old Ring

You can measure an old ring that fits you and you don’t know the size; or as explained above, the size inscription is no more visible. To find out your ring size using this method, you would need a ruler and the ring, then follow the steps below:

  • Place the 0 mm (inch) end of the ruler on one end of the ring.
  • Run the ruler across the middle of the ring; adjust the ruler until you get the largest width. The widest point of the ring is the measurement you need.
  • The measurement of the ring across the middle is the diameter of the ring.
  • Check the chart above to see what ring size would go with the diameter of your ring measurement.

For example, if the diameter of your finger is 14.1 mm (0.5 inches), you would need a size 3 ring or a size 4 in Asia.

3. Measuring Your Finger Size With Paper

Another way of finding out your ring size is by measuring the circumference of your finger with a piece of paper and finding the size that corresponds with it on the chart above. 

Steps To Measure Finger Size With Paper

  • First, draw and cut out a piece of paper that looks like the shape below.
Image of Ring Size Measurement Paper
Ring Size Measurement Paper
  • Use a ruler to draw the dimensions on the piece of paper as seen above in inches or millimeters.
  • Tear a hole in the piece of paper at the Read Size point.
  • Place the piece of paper on the knuckle of your finger. Insert the pointed end of the paper into the hole you tore at the Read Size point.
  • Pull the paper till your knuckle fits perfectly with it.
  • The last visible number on the piece of paper is the circumference of your finger.
  • Check the table above to see what ring size corresponds to the circumference of your finger.

For example, if the circumference of your finger is 46.8 mm (1.84 inches), you would need to get a size 4 ring in the US or a size 7 ring in Asia.

4. Measuring Your Finger Size With A String

Similar to measuring your finger circumference with paper, you can also measure your finger with a string. To use the string method, you need to get the following implements:

  • A string that does not stretch, e.g., thread or floss.
  • Marker or Scissors (optional)

You can use the string method alone or with some assistance from someone else.

Steps To Measure Finger Size With String

  • Place the string around the knuckle of the finger that you want to wear the ring. Using the knuckle is more accurate than using the base of your finger because the finger base is usually smaller, and the ring might have difficulties passing your knuckles. 
  • Ensure you do not squeeze too tightly for accurate measurement.
  • If you’re doing it alone, take note of the beginning and end of the point where the two sides of the string meet.
  • If there’s someone to assist you, let them cut the string on two ends at that point so it would remain only the strip that measures your finger around. Alternatively, they can use a marker to mark the point where the two ends of the thread meet.
  • The length of the string from Point A to Point B is the circumference of your finger. Measure the circumference of your finger with a ruler; it’s easier and more accurate to use millimeters (mm), but you can also use inches.
  • Check the table above to see what ring size corresponds to the circumference of your finger. 

For example, if the circumference of your finger is 44.2 mm (1.74 in), you would need a size 3 ring in the US or a size 4 in Asia.

5. Use A Jeweler’s Sizing Tool

Finally, the most straightforward and accurate way to measure ring size for men is to use a jeweler’s ring sizing tool. You can access these tools in most jewelry stores or stores that have jewelry sections. Also, you can buy a plastic ring sizing tool for a lower price than the standard ones you’ll find in jewelry stores, and it works just as well.

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