Bangle Sizing Made Easy: 3 Ways to Determine Your Size

Bangles are a popular fashion accessory that lots of people wear daily. Like everything else that you put on, you must be able to know and get the right size of bangle so that you don’t end up with one that’s too small or big. Knowing how to properly measure yourself to get the perfect bangle size is very important so that you don’t have an awkward-looking bangle.

What Is The Perfect Bangle Size?

perfect bangle size
A well-fitting bangle should be too loose it slides off your hand without any effort or too tight it’s difficult to remove.

I’ll summarize the perfect bangle size as one in which you don’t have to bother about losing your bangle or be worried about the stress of pulling it off. It’s always quite awkward to see people with people put on a set of good-looking bangles and it all just seems off because they do not properly fit the wearer.

A bangle that’s a perfect fit for you should first be wearable with relative ease. If you have to strain, squeeze your fingers so much, or push strongly then the bangle might not be the proper size for you. If the bangle size isn’t adjustable, then it shouldn’t be too tight for you to wear.

On the other hand, the bangle shouldn’t be too free either, if the bangle slides too easy off your hand, then it’s not a perfect fit. A bangle that’s the right fit for you should stay in your hands without you having to open your fingers up to hold it in.

Standard Bangle Measurement Size

Most fashion items have defined standard measurement sizes that you can use to buy them around the world, and it’s the same with bangles. However, standard bangle measurements are not used as often as things like shoes, clothes, and rings.

Most buyers would rather put the diameter of the bangle as the measurement description so you should know your hand diameter in case there is no bangle size there.

The conversion from bangle diameter to standard size is illustrated in the chart below:

Bangle SizeBangle Diameter in InchesBangle Diameter in MillimetersBangle Circumference in InchesBangle Circumference in Millimeters

Methods Of Bangle Size Measurement

There are a few ways you can find out the bangle size that’s perfect for you and all the methods do not require the use of any expensive tools.

The first crucial thing to note about measuring bangle size is that even if you’ll be wearing the bangle on your wrist, that isn’t the important area of measurement. Instead, the most important part is the widest area of your hand since that’s where the bangle would pass through and that’s the area that would keep the bangle from slipping off. 

Method 1– Measurement With Tape

This first technique of bangle size measurement is the most straightforward because all you need is a flexible measuring tape such as a tailor’s measuring tape. When you have the measuring tape, you should follow the steps below:

Step 1– Run the tape around your hand measuring from the base of your thumb.
Step 2– Whatever answer you get from that measurement is the circumference of your hand.
Step 3– Optionally, if you want to convert from circumference to diameter you only need to divide your result by 3.14, and the result you get is the diameter.
Step 4– Check the chart for the conversion of your result to a standard size if needed.

Method 2– Measurement With String And Ruler

This method is similar to the first but can be used by people who do not have a measuring tape at hand. All you need to run this measurement is a non-elastic string and a ruler (you must use a string that doesn’t stretch for correct measurement).

Step 1– Run the string around your hand measuring from the base of your thumb.
Step 2– Cut the string at the point where it circles your hand or use a marker to indicate it.
Step 3– Measure the length of the string with a ruler. The result of your measurement is the circumference of your hand. You can now divide that result by 3.14 to get the diameter or use the chart above to see the value in standard size.

Method 3– Measurement With A Ruler And Marker

This third method is an easy way to measure the diameter of your hand accurately and all you need is a ruler and a marker.

Step 1– Use the marker to place a dot underneath your index and little fingers; ensure that the markings are made right at the center of each finger’s knuckle.
Step 2– Use the ruler to measure the distance between both dots. The result of your measurement is the diameter of your hand. You can either multiply that result by 3.14 to get the circumference or use the chart above to see the value in standard size.

Why Is Bangle Size Important?

Many people do not need to bother about knowing the ideal bangle measurement size because they simply go to the market and test different bangles until they find one that’s perfect.

However, it’s important to know your bangle size in cases where you would not be able to buy the bangle yourself or you won’t be physically present to try it on. 

For example, almost everyone is buying the things they need online and there’s no way to test bangles over the internet; in such a scenario, knowing your bangle size would surely come in handy. Also, you might want to buy a bangle for someone as a gift; it would be terrible if you buy one for them and it’s not their size.

Therefore, if you’re a bangle-lover, you should know the size of your bangle just the same way you know your shoe and shirt sizes.

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