How to Spot a Fake Cuban Link Chain – 6 Proven Methods

In a world where fashion trends change regularly, the Cuban link chain has remained a popular choice of chain for many since the 80s. From hip-hop stars wearing thicker variations to regular people wearing Cuban links of all sizes, it’s a great chain to add to your collection. However, you must know how to identify a fake Cuban link if you’re considering buying one.

What to Check For in a Cuban Link Chain

Nowadays, anyone can market any chain on eBay or Amazon and call it a Cuban link chain. If you’re unsuspecting, you might fall prey to some of these dubious sellers. Here are some signs that the Cuban link you bought is probably fake.

1. Check If It Hangs Straight

Creators of high-end Cuban links are usually careful about the process of creating these handmade pieces of jewelry. Each link is individually made by hand with utmost attention by skilled jewelers.

One simple test you can perform is to hold the Cuban link chain on one end and let it hang freely. A fake Cuban link would twist or bend a lot towards one angle when you hold it on one end. However, this isn’t to say that even the best Cuban link chains would not show imperfection in their makeup.

2. Check For Open Links

Unlike some other chains with links that are slightly opened on one end, there are no open sides to every link on the Cuban link chain. This closure of each link makes Cuban link chains secure and not easy to break even under extreme pressure or pull.

Each link is attached and soldered at the point where the jeweler cut it. If you see gaps in your chain links, then it’s either not a Cuban link chain or a fake one.

3. Check For Different Link Shapes

Cuban link chains come in different shapes and sizes. Some Cuban link chains are more rounded, while others have a more straight pattern that resembles the curb link chain

Whatever the case, one thing for sure is that Cuban link chains would have all links looking the same. Not only are the shapes of the Cuban link chain going to look the same, but even the spaces between each link are also supposed to be identical. This setup makes all Cuban link chains look uniform around the chain.

4. Check The Clasp

Clasps are so important when checking out if the chain you want to buy is fake or not. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive chain, only for it to slip off as you go about your day. Secure clasps also protect you from being easily robbed of your chain, so they’re essential.

The most common clasp used on Cuban link chains is the box lock. Some Cuban links also use diamond locks which are hidden locks with excellent security; both clasp types are very secure. Finally, you’ll see some authentic Cuban link chains without clasps, and you slip them on and off.

Most fake Cuban link chains usually have sub-par clasps attached to them. If you find a Cuban link chain that has a lobster claw or spring ring clasp, it’s definitely a fake.

5. Materials 

Cuban link chains are made from different materials, with gold being the most popular and classic metal jewelers use to make them. However, there are Cuban link chains made of silver, stainless steel, platinum, and just about every other metal you can think of.

All reputable jewelers should indicate what material their Cuban link chain is made of. If you’re buying a Cuban link made of cheap metals, you don’t need to worry about being cheated. However, it’s helpful to know ways to test if gold is real if you’re buying a gold chain.

6. How It Feels On Your Skin

Good chains are made with the comfort of the wearer in mind. Most new Cuban link chains are filed to have sharp edges; however, a good jeweler would not make these edges too sharp. Some fake Cuban link chains aren’t made with the same care, so if you find your chain grazing your skin very unpleasantly, that Cuban link is fake.

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