What is a Floating Diamond Necklace and Why is it Popular?

A floating diamond necklace is a type of minimalist necklace that has a diamond pendant with a faintly visible chain. The floating diamond necklace derives its name from the way it looks on the body of its wearers– the chain is barely visible and the pendant appears to be floating on the wearer’s body. 

Floating Diamond Necklace

Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Floating Diamond Necklace

The appeal of a floating diamond necklace is the minimality it brings to the wearer. The factors you should be looking out for are things that enhance that minimal nature and brings out that appearance that the diamond is indeed floating on your neck. Some of the important factors to look out for are:

1. The Chain

When you wear a floating diamond necklace, you want the focus to be on the diamond pendant, not the chain. That’s the reason you should always make sure that the chain you’re buying is a very light and faint one. 

Getting a chain that is very light and strong at once can be quite challenging; for this reason, gold or gold-plated chains are a great choice. If you’re going to use a gold chain, it is important to choose a color of gold that blends more with your skin tone. 

Some jewelers also create floating diamond necklaces using nylon as the “chain”. Nylon is a good choice because it is completely transparent and would make the pendant stand out. Also, it is a cheaper option and can be easily replaced when it gets worn out.

2. The Prongs

If you want your diamond pendant to have a true floating effect, the kind of prong it’s attached to is important. Multiple prongs can easily crowd out the pendant, taking away the “mystique” of the floating gem on your neck. Also, if the prongs are too much, it can prevent light from properly refracting through the diamond, making it lose its fire.

However, as you aim for a light prong, ensure that it’s one that tightly holds unto the diamond. The last thing you want is for your floating diamond necklace to become an invisible diamond necklace.

3. The Diamond

Finding a diamond pendant with perfect fire is important to enhance the floating effect. The pendant on a floating diamond necklace is the star of the show and should properly stand out on your neck when you wear it. When your diamond is cut properly, it would make the pendant stand out on your neck and draw people’s attention to the “floating” stone on your neck. 

Also, you should consider the shape and color of the diamond you’re getting. When choosing the color, it is important to know if you want something that blends with your skin or something that contrasts well with it.

4. Length

Floating diamond necklaces are made in various lengths– some almost as high as a choker and others drape down the chest. Before you buy a floating diamond necklace, it’s important to know what clothes you’re going to be wearing. Also, you can choose the length based on if you want the chain to rest on your clothe or body.

Many jewelers make the chain length choice easy by putting adjustable chains on their floating diamond necklaces. That way you can choose if you want the pendant to be placed higher up or to drape on your body/clothes.

Why You Should Choose A Floating Diamond Necklace?

A floating diamond necklace is one of the many ways you can have your diamond necklace crafted, below are some of the reasons you should consider getting one.

1. Minimalist… While Drawing Attention

Artists of all kinds struggle to find a way to “blend contrasts” and it’s no different in the fashion industry. One of the things that make floating diamond necklaces so interesting is the fact that they are minimal, yet they draw attention.

These necklaces do not have lots of bling like a true diamond necklace does; however, they are a sure way to get a second glance from people. When the chain properly blends with your skin, it can be hard for people to see what’s making them “float” on your neck.

2. Attention To The Pendant

Still, on the topic of attention, it’s hard for your pendant to stand out if you wear it on a chain with lots of stones. However, when you wear a floating diamond necklace there is no distraction from the diamond pendants. If you have a diamond pendant that you want to show off for any reason, a floating diamond necklace is the best choice.

3. Less Expensive

Floating diamond necklaces aren’t as expensive as most other kinds of diamond necklaces on the market. The obvious reason is that less cost is spent on the chain, and the cost of the necklace is mostly determined by the quality of the diamond pendant. Nylon chains are even less expensive than gold or gold-coated chains.

4. Versatility

If you are interested in wearing a necklace that won’t bog you down as you wear it around, a floating diamond necklace is for you. You can wear these necklaces to perform sporting activities, bathe, and even sleep in them because they are extremely lightweight. A floating diamond necklace can also be used as part of a casual dressing or for something more corporate. 

The necklace also offers you versatility in how you wear them. You can either wear them as your sole neckpiece or layer them with another necklace that you’re putting on. A floating diamond works well either at the top or bottom of your necklace layers.

5. They Can Be Made From Old Jewelry

If you have a piece of old/unused diamond jewelry that’s lying around unused, you can put them to use on a floating diamond necklace. For example, if you lose one of your earrings or you get a new engagement ring, you do not need to let that piece of jewelry stay unused. 

You only need to take that diamond piece to a reliable jeweler to turn it into a pendant and hook it up to a chain. Floating diamond necklaces are relatively easy to make since the parts needed are the chain and prong to attach the pendant to the chain.

6. They Are Never Out Of Style

Many necklace styles are the rage for a while and then they phase out, not the floating diamond necklace. While it might never be a style that grabs front pages and headlines, it certainly would never be an outdated necklace style. If you want to buy a necklace that you plan to use for many years, or even plan to use as an heirloom, then this is the one for you.

Prices of Floating Diamond Necklaces

Floating diamond necklaces are not as expensive as many other diamond necklaces and you can easily find many samples on Amazon. For example, you can buy this 1/3 Carat Floating Round Diamond Solitaire Necklace in 14K White Gold or the 1/4 Carat Floating Round Diamond Solitaire Necklace in 14K White Gold for a few hundred bucks.


A floating diamond necklace is always going to be a great choice of style for a necklace. They are also the perfect gift since they can be used by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose. Talking about gifts, if you want to buy a ring for someone, you’ll need to learn How To Measure Ring Size.

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