A Closer Look at Diamond Cut Chains: Style and Significance

Diamond cut chains are chains that have notches and grooves cut into the surface of a chain using a jeweler’s chisel. These special notches and grooves give the chains a more significant shimmer effect under light than regular chains.

The most fantastic selling point of diamond cut chains is this shimmer or “bling” factor, as it can bring out the beauty of a chain and make it look more expensive than it is.

Are Diamond Cut Chains Made of Diamonds?

The name “diamond cut chain” can be misleading to many people as they assume that it is a type of chain that has diamonds attached to it. However, that is very far from the truth; diamond cut chains have zero diamonds attached to them. The diamond cut refers to the cut pattern of the chains and not the presence of any gemstones attached to them. 

Diamond Cut Chain
Diamond Cut Chain

It is called diamond cut and is a reference to the way diamonds reflect light. The unique cut pattern makes the chain shine more than a regular gold or silver chain.

Why Do People Like Diamond Cut Chains?

Many people associate the use of chains with male hip-hop stars and rappers, and they’re arguably the most popular users of this piece of jewelry. However, many other regular people (both men and women) wear chains as part of their everyday outfits and cannot rhyme two consecutive sentences. 

One reason chains seem to be synonymous with rappers is the use of fancy jewelry that characterized the persona of leading hip-hop stars. Diamond cut chains grew in popularity in the 1980s as a less expensive way to have the bling that many people saw on rappers’ chains that had diamonds attached to them. Nowadays, diamond cut chains are no longer regarded as some retro chain style, but they’re in high demand.

The diamond cut can be used on most types of chains, from rope to franco chains.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Diamond Cut Chain

Diamond cut chain
Gold Diamond Cut Chain by Miabella

If you decide that you want to buy a diamond-cut chain, there are several factors that you need to consider when making your choice.

1. Length

The length of your diamond cut chain is very important in choosing your chain, and there are many options. Women can select collar chains as short as 14 inches; you can also go for 16-inch chokers or 18-inch princess that you can use on most dressings.

There are also 20-24-inch matinees that can be used for business or casual outings or 28-36-inch opera chains that can be used for evening wears; anything longer than this is called a rope chain.

Men, unlike women, have fewer alternatives that all go well with a simple shirt or sweater. For men, the shortest chain length is 18 inches, which is worn at the base of the neck. The next smallest chain length is 20 inches, which reaches men’s collarbone; this is the standard chain length for guys all across the world. A 22-inch chain that falls a few inches below the collar bone is another option.

Finally, the longest chain, which reaches above the breastbone, is 24 inches long.

2. Color 

The color of a diamond cut chain is determined by the metal that was used in the creation of the chain, and gold and silver are the most common metals for diamond cut rope chains. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, Argentium silver, coin silver, and other variations of these two colors have evolved. These variations in gold and silver are the result of mixing them with other metals, which alters the shade of gold and silver.

Before selecting a specific color of jewelry, you should determine the color that best matches you. You should decide whether you want a chain whose color is distinct from your skin or one that blends easily into your skin or clothes.

3. Width 

All chains usually have width measurements that start from 1 mm to a maximum of 21 mm. Getting a diamond cut 1mm chain might defeat the purpose of the diamond cut as there would not be enough surface area for the sun to reflect on in order to produce the glitter effect. However, a 21 mm chain is impractical; instead, most chains fall within the 3 mm to 8 mm range depending on the style.

The Disadvantages Of Diamond Cut Chains

While you can hardly go wrong with buying a diamond cut chain, there are also a few disadvantages related to using it. 

1. It Can Stick To Your Shirt

The shine of a diamond cut chain comes with the drawback of the chain getting stuck to your shirt. The reason the chain can get attached to your shirt is because of the sharp edges that are chiseled to mimic the crystal structure of diamonds. The crystal structure lookalike that is the selling point of the diamond cut chain can also be a disturbance.

2. It Can Cause Neck Irritations 

The reason a diamond-cut chain can cause irritations is similar to why the chain might get stuck to your shirt– the crystal-like cut pattern. The extra shine can become a literal pain in the neck for people with sensitive skin.

For many people, these flaws are not enough reasons to stay away from using them; however, others find it a big enough reason to stick with regular chains. Also, the jeweler who worked on the chain is an essential factor; diamond cut chains are handmade and require skill to ensure that the crystal shapes aren’t too pointy. At the end of the day, it’s better if you try the chain on first to see if it’s something that you feel comfortable using.


Because every person is different, the choice is yours if you want to stay with regular chains or go with a diamond-cut chain. They are a good option for getting some bling on your neck without spending as much as you would on a chain with gemstones.

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