The Cost of Cuban Link Chains: Affordable or Luxury?

Nowadays, a rap video seems incomplete without the artiste putting on a Cuban link chain. The popularity of Cuban link chains has spread from the beaches of Miami and has become an important luxury item for many people. 

Things That Affect the Price of a Cuban Link Chain

Cuban Link Chain Value
14k Gold Cuban Link Chain 250.7 Grams 26” Inch 10mm priced @ $22,500
Source: Fima Bazelnov

The price of Cuban link chains varies greatly; some chains cost a few hundred dollars while some can cost tens of thousands. There are always factors to consider whenever there’s such a wide variation in the price of a particular product.

1. Materials Used to Make the Chain

Traditionally, gold has been the choice metal with which jewelers produce Cuban link chains. Manufacturers use white, rose, and yellow gold to create Cuban links. Occasionally, you’ll find a custom 24-karat (pure gold) Cuban link chain.

Cuban link chains are also available in less-expensive metals like silver, copper, stainless steel, etc. Jewelers use these metals to make Cuban links so that they are more affordable to a wider range of people.

As you would imagine, gold Cuban links are more expensive than other metals. Also, the purity of gold used will determine the price of the chain– a 20-karat Cuban link will cost more than 10 karats. 

Asides from the oxidized metal used, some Cuban links have gemstones engraved in them to enhance their appearance. The type and quality of gemstone attached to the chain can dramatically cause an increase in its price. Diamonds are the most common gemstones that people engrave on Cuban links.

2. Size of the Chain and Pendants 

The size of a Cuban link refers to the chain’s length and width. Cuban link chains usually range between 2.5 and 11 millimeters in width, and their length measures between an 18-inch choker and the dangling 30-inch chain. 

The size and pendants used in creating a chain will determine how pricey it would be. The simple logic is that longer and wider chains would need more metal to make, and a pendant would also require the jeweler to use more metal. Some pendants even have diamonds engraved, further increasing the chain price.

3. Production Pattern

Cuban link chains are either mass-produced in factories or handmade by highly skilled jewelers. Chains made of cheaper metals like stainless and silver are produced automatically in factories, and some manufacturers create gold chains in factories too. 

Factory-made Cuban link chains generally cost way less than handmade ones. People that can afford them prefer handmade Cuban links because of the attention to detail jewelers put into each piece’s production. A handmade piece also allows you to specify custom properties that you want for your chain.

High demand for handmade Cuban links means you’ll likely have to join a waiting list if you want to buy a piece. However, the stress and price can be rewarding when you realize that you’re getting a piece that meets your unique taste.

4. Manufacturer or Seller

Where you buy your chain and who made it goes a long way to determine how much it will cost. Some of the best manufacturers of Cuban link chains are located in and around Miami, Florida. As a result of the high demand for their top-tier pieces, you’ll have to pay top bucks to lay your hands on a Cuban link.

If you want to pay less, you can use a less-known jeweler or buy from an online store. However, buying from less-reputable sources leaves you prone to buying inferior jewelry unless you have a buy-back option.

Price Range of Cuban Link Chain

With all the factors determining the price of a Cuban link chain, it’s important to know how much you’ll pay for various specifications of the chain. The focus of this section would be the price of gold Cuban link chains, as seen on some popular online jewelry stores.

14k Gold Cuban Link Chain
14k Gold Cuban Link Chain 250.7 Grams 26” Inch 10mm priced @ $11,000
Source: Fima Bazelnov

A 10mm Cuban link from Jacoje Fine Jewelry costs between $8,000-11,000, depending on the length. However, the price of the same chain jumps to $19,000 when diamonds are engraved in it. Both pieces are made out of 14-karat gold.

On 24diamonds, an 11mm Cuban Link Chain made from 24-karat gold costs a lot more because of the purity of the metal. The price ranges from $11,000-24,000.

On the smaller side, a 24-karat flat Cuban link chain on Lucky Diamonds costs $435. The chain is inexpensive because it measures 18 inches and 1.5 mm in width. A 25-inch long and 4.45mm thick variation of the same chain costs almost $3,800.


The price of Cuban link chains varies greatly; therefore, you must know what’s most important to you in choosing a piece. To cut costs, you might choose a piece that’s shorter or thinner than you desire, or you can buy one made of inferior metal. One thing’s for sure; there’s a Cuban link chain for almost every budget you have.

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