Cartier Love Ring Thin vs Thick: Which is Better? (Pictures Included)

Cartier has been churning out iconic luxury jewelry pieces since 1847. One of its flagship designs is the Love collection. In 2006, Cartier officially confirmed the Love Collection as the most successful collection in the brand’s history. The collection features jewelry items like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, and the famous Love Rings. 

About The Cartier Love Ring?

Cartier Love Ring
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Cartier Love Ring is one of the jewelry items available in the Love Collection. This collection started with the Love Bracelet which was designed by Aldo Cipullo in 1969.

Cartier released the Love Ring in 1978, and this new ring maintained the bracelet’s simple design. The Love Ring has trademark screw shapes located around the ring. However, these screws are only imprints on the ring and do not work. Also, the ring doesn’t come with a screwdriver like with the bracelet.

There are two variations of the Cartier Love Ring– the Love Ring and the thinner Love Wedding Band. Each of these two ring categories has modifications and variants, so you can be sure that there’s probably a Cartier Love Ring that you’d like.

Cartier Love Ring Thin

Thin catier love ring
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The thin version of the Cartier Love Ring is a simple wedding band with screw imprints that mark all jewelry in the Love Collection. The thin Love Ring is known as the Love Wedding Band in official Cartier catalogs. 

The Love Wedding Band usually ranges from around 3-4 mm in width and is a pretty thin ring to wear on your finger. Most regular versions of the Love Wedding Band are usually around the 3-3.2 mm range. 

The Love Wedding Band has some diamond-engraved versions; these are usually a bit thicker and wider than the regular rings. There are also some super-thin versions of the Love Ring, such as this one that is 2mm wide.

Cartier Love Ring Thick

Thick catier love ring
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The thick version of the Cartier Love Ring is the original version of the ring that Cartier produced. It is also the version of the ring that they refer to officially as the Love Ring on their catalogs.

The Thick Love Ring is usually 5.5 – 6.5 mm in width. The ring versions that are diamond-engraved are generally thicker and wider than the regular ones. There are some thick love rings like this one that are as wide as 11 mm; these rings are more of statement rings. 

Cartier Love Ring Thin vs Thick price 

Cartier Love Ring Thin vs Thick
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The prices of the thick and thin Cartier Love Rings are determined mainly by the metal the ring is made of and the stones that are present on the ring. Cartier only makes their Love Rings out of gold and platinum. Initially, the quality of gold used in making these rings was 18-karat gold; however, these days, they only make the rings out of 14-karat rose, white, and yellow gold.

The thick platinum Love Rings usually cost around $4,000, more than twice any of the gold rings. The thick gold Love Rings cost between $1,800 – $2,000. The thin platinum Lover Rings cost around $2,600, which is double the cost of the gold versions, which cost between $1,100 to $1,300. 

The bejeweled versions of the Love Rings are not as straightforward to price, and some thin Love Rings can be more expensive than the thick ones. The types of stones they usually use are amethyst, garnet, sapphire, and diamond; some rings have a single gem while others have multiple. Diamond Love Rings typically cost more than those with other gemstones.

Which is Better, Cartier Lover Ring Thin Or Thick?

The thick and thin variations of the Cartier Love Ring have their benefits. The stereotypical view of these rings is that the thick one is for men and the thin one is a woman’s ring. However, that isn’t a hard and fast rule as people might have different tastes.

If you’re bothered about having a more obvious ring, you should go for the thick Love Ring as the thin one can be easy to miss. However, some people like those thin rings, and if that’s your thing, you should go for it.

Also, having gemstones on your ring can help highlight it more. Buying a thin Love Ring with diamonds on it is excellent if you want people to give your finger a second glance. The glittering stone can make up for the elusive appearance of the ring.

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