Sustainability 101 Community Event

Hi! I’m Dipali, the social media intern at Foundations Jewelry and I am SO excited to share with you about Foundations’ most recent community event: Sustainability 101!


The event was set up so beautifully with tables decorated with flowers and pamphlets full of information on sustainability. There was also another table full of local and seasonal fruits, veggies and drinks for everyone to enjoy while we learned about sustainability! After everyone arrived, we all sat together on blankets on the grass and listened to Melanie (our Founder) and Alexis (Co-Designer/Events Director) teach us about why food sustainability is important and how we can shop sustainably for grocieries. Some of the ways I learned that I can grocery shop sustainably are by shopping locally, seasonally and buying in bulk.

We also learned about how to think sustainably when it comes to fashion and beauty, including how to create an ethical/sustainable wardrobe, easy ways to check for quality in the store. They made it easy to learn how you can check if an item is ethical/sustainable while shopping. It honestly just starts with being intentional and taking a few minutes of time to research. They also explained how to ethically get rid of clothing you own and want to give away. Here are a few other helpful ways.

As far as beauty products go, we learned what green cosmetics are, how sustainable products are made and the toxic ingredients that often come in our beauty products that we should look out for and avoid.

The event really felt like community because we all got to sit together and learn about a topic that we are all passionate about. I had so much fun getting to learn more about sustainability and my favorite part was getting to meet new people! I think anyone interested in learning about how to lead a sustainable lifestyle and wanting to be a part of a community with the same interests and passion for learning about sustainability, should attend one of Foundations next community events! 

Stay sustainable!




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