Meet Worth Blankets

Helping to restore worth through powerful notes of encouragement and provide a warm blanket for each person without a home in California.

Meet the first organization we have chosen to give to: Worth Blankets.

We are so passionate about their cause and hope you are too.

“We at Worth Blankets wholeheartedly believe that not a single person should spend one more night cold, but most importantly, not a single person should see another day without knowing how valuable, cherished, and worthy they are. Worth blankets were created to both bring warmth and worth to people. They serve as a vessel to empower and encourage generosity.  

The heart and soul behind this is to plant, water, and grow a generous heart in each of us. Join us in this movement of giving a blanket to someone, to then give to another, and as one body we will serve the needs of our community.”

—Sam Schuller, Founder.

10% of profits from any Foundations purchase you make goes directly to Worth Blankets. 


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