Behind the Scenes: March Photoshoot

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I’m Alexis, one of the interns for Foundations Jewelry. I joined the Foundations family in December as a Social Media intern and have recently switched into more of a Product Development position. Why, you ask? I’m interested in what goes on behind the scenes (BTS), the process of creating an idea and making it come to life. It sounds simple, right? Well not exactly. There are many steps to take before you reach the finish line. I know you’re curious on a step or two so let me share one with you!

In February/March, we were switching out most of our products with new pieces. It was a very exciting time for all of us at Foundations. Of course, with a new collection comes new product photos and marketing content. It was time for another Foundations photoshoot! This one was special to me since it was my first time at a photoshoot. We shot inside of a house instead of a studio because there was so much to shoot in one day. I’d say Melanie made do with what she had and it was pretty successful if you ask me!  


The hustle and bustle of the photoshoot was REAL. 


Every hour, there was a different model coming in. Once a person shot with all of her/his chosen pieces, another person would come. It was like a nonstop cycle of models! Everyone that came brought in their own personality which I think truly kept the energy going throughout the day. Music, snacks, and laughs were also a great energy booster.


I give a BIG thumbs up to Dez, our photographer, for working her butt off the entire day. This work isn’t easy! Even after all the shots were taken, she was so sweet to take a couple of pictures of me as well. 


My favorite part of the photoshoot was seeing all of the jewelry pieces displayed. It’s a different feeling to see it in person rather than just online. Seeing the assortment of the collection all in one place makes the collection feel complete. I’ll admit, I played around and tried a few earrings and rings here and there myself. My hands always went to my personal favorite, the All Wrapped Up Hoops. I have to say, though, that the Big Bad Ring definitely stole the show that day since everyone kept admiring it. If you’ve ever seen it in real life, you know how badass it is. 


The day was long, but surely rewarding. The most beautiful thing about our photoshoot was seeing everyone in their element and doing what they’re passionate about. Everyone played an important part, and I love that.


Here’s an awesome recap of our day, made by the lovely Anastazia



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