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Behind the Scenes: March Photoshoot

Oh hey! I’m Alexis, one of the interns for Foundations Jewelry. I joined the Foundations family in December as a Social Media intern and have recently switched into more of a Product Development position. Why, you ask? I’m interested in what goes on behind the scenes (BTS), the process of creating an idea and making it come to life. It sounds simple, right? Well not exactly. There are many steps to take before you reach the finish line. I know you’re curious on a step or two so let me share one with you! In February/March, we were switching out most of our products with new pieces. It was a very exciting time for all of us at Foundations. Of...

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Sustainability 101 Community Event

Hi! I’m Dipali, the social media intern at Foundations Jewelry and I am SO excited to share with you about Foundations’ most recent community event: Sustainability 101! The event was set up so beautifully with tables decorated with flowers and pamphlets full of information on sustainability. There was also another table full of local and seasonal fruits, veggies and drinks for everyone to enjoy while we learned about sustainability! After everyone arrived, we all sat together on blankets on the grass and listened to Melanie (our Founder) and Alexis (Co-Designer/Events Director) teach us about why food sustainability is important and how we can shop sustainably for grocieries. Some of the ways I learned that I can grocery shop sustainably are...

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Meet Worth Blankets

Helping to restore worth through powerful notes of encouragement and provide a warm blanket for each person without a home in California. Meet the first organization we have chosen to give to: Worth Blankets. We are so passionate about their cause and hope you are too. “We at Worth Blankets wholeheartedly believe that not a single person should spend one more night cold, but most importantly, not a single person should see another day without knowing how valuable, cherished, and worthy they are. Worth blankets were created to both bring warmth and worth to people. They serve as a vessel to empower and encourage generosity.   The heart and soul behind this is to plant, water, and grow a generous...

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