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Thanks for stopping by my blog, Foundations Jewelry. I’m Stephen; I love jewelry and shiny things!

Growing up, I always admired my mother’s jewelry. She always had them on, no matter the occasion, and it was interesting to see how much attention she commanded with the daintiest jewelry. I watched her clean and neatly arrange them in her jewelry box, and I remember standing beside her in front of the mirror, closely watching how she put each one on. One day I mentioned how much I liked them, and she said I would have much more when I grew up.

She was right. 

By the time I clocked 18, I had a stash of different jewelry, and the collection only continued to increase. In a way, I became my mum because whether I step out of the house or not, I have to have earrings, a chain, and a small bracelet. 

One of my favorite pieces is this bead bracelet (pic below). It’s not shiny, but it represents my African heritage. I wear it everywhere!

African bead bracelet

I always get looks from so many people, many of whom have asked for advice, so I thought, why not share my knowledge with you guys? Everything from how to pair jewelry to how to recognize fake vs. original jewelry and more have been answered in this blog.

I’ve spent a large part of my life obsessing over jewelry. I know how to tell real from fake and the perfect jewelry for every occasion!

Welcome to the Foundations Jewelry community. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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