Gold Rust

Does Real Gold Rust?

No, real gold does not rust or tarnish. Exposure to air and water can cause some metals to tarnish or rust, but pure gold doesn’t…

How to Measure Ring Size

How to Measure Ring Size

Billions of people wear rings across many cultures around the world. There are various reasons people wear them– some for religious or cultural reasons, others…

Gold Wedding Rings

How to Test if Gold is Real

In many parts of the world, gold is the most expensive precious metal due to its rarity and beauty. Gold is also valuable because you…

Engagement ring

How Many Carats For An Engagement Ring?

Cartoons, movies, and (more recently) social media have influenced the taste and fantasies many ladies have of their engagement rings. On the other hand, the…

Engagement ring on finger

How to Clean an Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are one of the few pieces of jewelry that a person can wear for decades of their life, in many instances, even longer than…

Jewelry Care Tips

Silver Necklace

How to Clean a Silver Necklace

Silver necklaces have been a permanent feature in my jewelry collection for years. Like all other jewelry pieces, I clean my silver necklaces regularly to maintain their beautiful sparkle.  Methods to Clean a Silver Necklace You can clean your silver necklace in several ways; thankfully, you can use all the following methods at home. 1….

Blue Topaz Stone

Blue Topaz Stone Properties and Value

Today I’m writing about blue topaz, a stone in which I have a personal interest. I love this gemstone a lot because it’s the birthstone of December (my birth month). What is Blue Topaz? Blue topaz is a brilliant blue crystal from the topaz family; it has a white matrix, and jewelers have used it…

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